Social Impact Projects

During the course of the program, participants undertake projects in an area they are passionate about. The Social Impact Projects provide an opportunity for participants to make an impact on the wider community.


Gender Empowerment

The Gender Empowerment group held a forum called “Let’s Talk about Gender Empowerment” at the Kathleen Syme Community Centre.

The aim of this event was to invite members of the public to engage with gender issues through a multicultural lens and to create a safe space in which the audience is able to tackle problems surrounding gender, why they occur and potential solutions.



The LGBTIQ+ Social Impact Project created a podcast that was released online on SoundCloud and YouTube, in continuation of the ‘Rainbow Family’ project. The team invited a panel of guest speakers with Vietnamese backgrounds and who identified within the LGBTIQ+ community, to share their personal stories.

The goal was to open up a space for discourse between the listener and: those interviewed, their families, and their friends. The podcast aimed to be a source of discussion within the Vietnamese community and to generate a positive impact on different communities, families, and individuals.


Mental Health

The Mental Health Social Impact Project focused on dealing with stress and strengthening multi-generational family relationships. The team held a Family Pho Night at ‘I Love Pho’ restaurant.

The team joined with Headspace to give useful coping mechanisms for stress, and ways to break the generation barrier between parents and children.



The Multiculturalism team decided to make an impact especially in the Vietnamese community, so they could feel empowered to bridge the cultural gap and to prepare for the future waves of immigrants.

The team organised a seminar with the underlying theme being “Living Together In A Multicultural Society” which involved group discussion and reflection. The Vietnamese audience were joined by other communities that had gone through similar journeys of migration.


Youth Empowerment

The Youth Empowerment team focused on the theme of employment, as it was a topic they felt had not been thoroughly discussed during their years of education.

Subsequently, the team held an event titled “Are you Ready? Be Job Ready” - a workshop that aimed to raise awareness and enhance attendees’ knowledge and skills in employment. With the assistance of six industry professionals, the team endeavoured to provide the participants with essential insight into recruitment.